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Someone who fails high school, claims to work at wal-mart, and steals car audio crap from kids. A Robbie Spook will also claim that he is all knowing, and sells truck parts. You will know one when you see one because they have been known to drive Green Grand Spooks with Black rims
Trisha you see that lowlife?
Yeah, hes a Robbie Spooks alright.
by Spookhunter1221 December 10, 2011
A male who thrives in failing high school, and driving an old Grand Am, AKA the Grand Spook. Robbie Spooks has also been known to thieve car audio equipment, and lie about working at Wal-Mart.
Wow that lowlife sure is like Robbie Spooks
by Spookhunter1221 December 10, 2011

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