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A young red headed guitarist born of Glasgow Scotland, Robbie Shaw is a young man in the excellent punk-rock/alternative band, Born to Be. Other members of the band also feature Kyle Ledouche, Justin "Jdog" Sullivan, and Andrew Langford a.k.a. The Langford. Standing at 5'11 in height, Robbie is unreasonably strong, and it is rumoured that he is able to lift over 11 tons in one sitting. Robbie's hobbies include guitar, tennis, Halo, and fucking bitches. In a nutshell, Robbie Shaw is more or less the fucking man.
"Did you hear what John did at Drea's party? He had sex with a girl, while drinking a bear, and seranating another lass with his guitar and angelic voice."

"Damn. Sounds like he pulled a Robbie Shaw!"
by Irish Boxer529 April 29, 2009

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