greasy loser coasting on Howard Stern promos, aka, no-talent hack and all-round douchebag. Not to be confused with musician.
Will fuck your dead sister if he gets the chance.
Rob Zombie was eating road kill out on the Turnpike yesterday.
I wish I had a nickel for everytime someone puked after hearing Howard Stern jack off Rob Zombie on his show.
by adam_before_eve January 10, 2006
Top Definition
For 13 years Rob Zombie has been carving out a strange legacy of music in the world of rock, beginning in 1985 with the formation of his brainchild White Zombie. From the start, White Zombie was a bizarre hybrid of hardcore/punk aggression, Lower East Side art-damaged and hard rock thunder. As if that weren’t enough, these fixations were filtered through Mr. Zombie’s love of classic horror/sci-fi films, trash hot rod culture and generally, all things on the dark side.
Former White Zombie member Rob Zombie sought out to create music under his own name. With such hits as: 'Two Lane Blacktop' 'More Human Than Human' 'Super Beast' 'Dragula' 'Living Dead Girl' 'Demon Speeding' and 'Dead Girl Superstar'

His New, 1st, movie: 'House of 1000 Corpses'
by Swatkowski November 25, 2003
An awsome rocker who puts out killer tracks like "Hands of Death", " More Human than Human", "Living Dead Girl", and "Dragula".
Rob Zombie kicks ass!
by lunar shadows August 21, 2004
kick ass dude
dude your like a rob zombie
by toeMas January 02, 2004
The mad, mad, macabre musician making many mother cry as their children bob thier heads and grow thier dreads. Former front man of the 80's shlock rock band White Zombie, he has moved on to greater and more mad things.
Brah1- You heard the new Zombie track?
Brah2- Hell yeah, that mothafucka's crazy
by ManOfTheDiaspora May 15, 2005
A wickeddy kl rock band who's music kickes the ass out of all townie music!!
Maan.. that was so rob zombie
by matt clarke January 13, 2004
A good rocker, but a bad director.
Rob Zombie is so not John Carpenter.
by neil_2468 March 22, 2010
When a man (or woman) takes the virginity of the opposite sex while they are passed-out drunk.
My girlfriend wanted to learn more about rock music, so i introduced her to Rob Zombie.
by Luke and Matt from Texas June 22, 2008
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