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1.To copulate anally then orally without intervening cleansing
2.To dominate rudely
3.To shame, to humiliate
Greg bent Tiffany over and fucked her in the ass, then pulled out and put it in her mouth and she screamed; he totally roasted her.
by BigDickBaller May 20, 2005
1 16
noun: stupid, dumb, suckish, complete fail.
verb: to bitch or complain.
Often used as What the Roast?!? (WTR)
Specific to Northern Michigan
noun: Dude! That party was so roast!

verb: Dude! Stop fucking roasting, I am so sick of it!
by Roastface Mcgee September 16, 2008
5 22
To smoke some herb.
Hey, lets go and roast
by innerlogiX October 10, 2005
49 73
to rip a nasty-ass fart
ahhh! victor the wild child just roasted all over my baby!
by Abdominal Adam October 15, 2007
4 29
One of the many euphemisms used to describe withdrawal symtoms from heroin and other opiates.

Deriving from the term cold turkey, to roast is to be 'suffering' from the symptoms of cold turkey.
It had been eight hours since Jon had had his last fix of heroin. He had no more supplies and a cluck was in the post.
He knew it would soon be time for him to roast.
by Jimi p August 15, 2006
7 40
<i>v.</i> for a car to be very fast
This SS Chevelle 454 fucking roasts.
by Uncle Choad July 28, 2006
14 48
to shut someone down verbally
Don't make me roast you or I'm bout to roast you.
by Kymberle November 03, 2005
25 59