when a woman is double teamed by two men
"Man, we totally just roasted that chick."

"I think that chick wants a roast."

by lethbridge October 03, 2008
When one man is taking a women up her anal cavity and another is getting a blow job from her. While this is going on the two guys are having an armwrestle on her back!
Dave and Alexander had always wondered who was stronger so Carly was not surprised when Dave and Alexander began a roast which lasted 20 minutes. Dave won due to Alexander blowing his "load" to soon.
by The Dirty Float Master March 03, 2008
A roast the televised broadcast of a washed up celebrity being made a fool of by an entire group of washed up celebrities telling stupid jokes and trying to revive their already dead career.
The Roast of Pamela Anderson came on tonight, and I saw her fake tits through her see through shirt. And how "surprised" she was when she realized everyone could see them at the end!
by Anonymouslolz August 12, 2007
1.To copulate anally then orally without intervening cleansing
2.To dominate rudely
3.To shame, to humiliate
Greg bent Tiffany over and fucked her in the ass, then pulled out and put it in her mouth and she screamed; he totally roasted her.
by BigDickBaller May 20, 2005
noun: stupid, dumb, suckish, complete fail.
verb: to bitch or complain.
Often used as What the Roast?!? (WTR)
Specific to Northern Michigan
noun: Dude! That party was so roast!

verb: Dude! Stop fucking roasting, I am so sick of it!
by Roastface Mcgee September 16, 2008
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