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I. N - A gathering, usually with greater than three parties, in which each party freely and openly performs sexual favors alongside/with all other party members. This differs from regular orgies in that most participants are typically a type of dinosaur (or dinosaur-like human/humanoid).

II. N - An orgy in which each participant is in fursuit or is sexually turned on by furries.

III. N - A REALLY awesome word to have lined up in scrabble.
Q: "Where did you get all those scratches on your neck from?! And why is your voice so hoarse?"
A: "....."

Q: "Dude, what's a "roargy"? I'm pretty sure that's not a real word."
A: "Pretty much what it sounds like. Ya know, T-Rex's fuckin' 'n' all that."
by triad_scrabble=sex October 07, 2009
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