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The irrationale fear of using mobile phones while traveling and surfing on the go while overseas. It is not a simple rational choice and is a deep and emotionally charged fear of being taken advantage of and ruining travellors holidays.

Smartphones have transformed our lives but have also made us reliant on them for staying in touch wherever we are. DataRoaming can be used for a vast amount of information from letting families to know that you are OK on arrival through instant messaing, to playing games on long bus trips and learning about local history; checking for last minute local deals.

So you see, there are many benefits and reasons to stay connected to your mobile with DataRoaming plans.
Generically, Roamaphobia is exemplified by 4 Roamaphobia types:

Wi-Fi Hunter: Those who turns their holidays into a jungle hunt for free Wi-Fi
Café Dweller: Those who linger at a café forever just to use free Wi-Fi
SIM Swapper: Those who bring many overseas local SIM cards on holiday trips just to save a few bucks
Latergrammer: Those who only upload all the holiday photos as #latergram onto social media and flood their friends once they get back to hotel (with free wi-fi/back home)
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