The facist dictator of unreasonable school classes. Does not promote drug use even though is suspected of manufacturing "Happiness" in her basement.
I just went into the bathroom and layed a Roadman.
by Andrew August 14, 2003
Top Definition
Roadman comes from the 21st century slang word, describing a boy (normally at a teenage age) as someone who thoroughly knows the ins and outs of his area, and the people in the area - he will also be involved in popular events such as trapping, driving (cruising), parties etc.
Devon - Is Marcus coming out tonight fam?

Antonio - Of course he is man, Marcus is a roadman, dumb question blud!

Devon - ..alie
by dexterblackie November 22, 2010
typical teenage boys who drop out of school and instead do these things:
Smokes weed
wears tracksuit bottoms with bomber jacket
rides around the area on bikes
commit crimes (robbery in particular)
shows aggressive and intimidating behavior

lives on benefits
acts tough/ hard *slang for tough*
Chill in shady areas on in front of fast food restaurants

*note if you want to be a roadman you must do most/all of the things above*
Manz a roadman cuz!
by HeyB0ss December 05, 2015
The true definition of a roadman is a guy with no job yet acts like he's got money, no future but acts like he's going places. To support this lifestyle he takes part in illegal activity known as 'street activity' and starts becoming respected by guys on the street and sometimes even feared. Actually most full on roadmen are feared as they are often very violent. Many girls love them and roadmen like fucking anyone but do not stay around to deal with the consequences but now and again will pop in and mess with their child's head sometimes even using their child for personal gain (some roadmen do love their children though). The main thing is once you are a roadman it's almost impossible to get out you will die a roadman either from old age or from 'street activity' gone wrong.

Being a roadman is a responsibility and a way of life that you have to own and be ready for otherwise you're just a wannabe.
Damn he's so heartless, such a roadman
by EST20XX December 27, 2015
The term 'Roadman' is used to describe someone with no future goals. They generally take part in criminal activities and have no future. Majority of them act tough but in fact are not.
A Roadman robs a bank. He is arrested and "drops the soap" in prison.
by Kyran78z June 30, 2016
A young individual (7-29) who thinks they are "solid". This person usually smokes while they are underage and have been expelled from multiple schools.
That Thomas kid is a Roadman
by DaSlothGod June 04, 2016
A unintelligent, baggy trousers wearing stoner. They think the world evolves around them, they love to think they have the strength of a bull.
He's so roadman!
by Bigot107 May 15, 2016
Lives and works on the road, no's everyone in area, has matching outfits.
I am a fucking roadman.
by NoshOne June 29, 2016
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