Verb - To be prodded in an orifice, either figuratively or nonfiguratively. This is useally done behind a computer by one who is really a little girl with a big mouth and no gaul. Can cause dry skin and rashes.
past tense - OH MY GOD DUDE, what happend to the back of your pants? Did you get Roached?
by Genocide January 18, 2004
Top Definition
Feeling tired, exhausted, trashed, stoned, or just fucked up.
1) Dude i was so roached last night.
2) That blunt got me roached.
3) Long day at work im roached.
by Subnoize stoner January 21, 2009
when something has been utterly destroyed or totalled
Whoa dude you totally roached this ___.
by stonah December 09, 2003
The passing of work onto your co-workers, while trying to look busy and not really do anything.
Jim was completing all required work for the evening, while Jane sat and shuffled papers all night. Jim was roached.
by Mr. Tiddlywinks August 18, 2012
When an individual forgets a task, or detail regarding something they have been given or told within the past 24 hours due to his or her marijuana consumption. The level of roach the individual experiences varies for each scenario.
Brendan: Aw shit, dude I forgot the munchies upstairs.

Peter: Roached.
by FuckSocietyGoGreen February 04, 2013
Roached. The action of putting out a joint, blunt, pinner out so that it may become a roach.

*Also: The adjective explaining the state of a joint, blunt, pinner. (When it has reached its end, rez like state) Ready for roaching, and save later for future rezzy toking.
He accidently roached the joint out on the passenger seat in pa's decaying el camino.
by Casbar Gomez January 15, 2004
West of Scotland slang for an extremely ugly person. Also applicable to bad smells. See also hacket/hackitt
"Eyy man, yur burd's puer roached!"

"S'at Cool Watters yur wearin'? It smells roached!"
by kingpingu January 31, 2006
1. When something has been torn or messed up by a person or group of people.

2. When a infestation of roaches take over.
1. Chris roached up his girlfriend's apartment after he stayed there for a week and a half.

2. Leslie's house got roached and he had to call in the exterminators.
by cardinal_fan October 12, 2004
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