Fat, wobbly flab, especially around the torso.
*Fat person wobbles*

Jesus, look at all that rop! He looks like Fat Buddha.
by graf_ae August 08, 2011
Top Definition
An acronym spelled "RoP", British slang alternately referring to "religion of peace" or "Republic of Pakistan"; a sarcastic reference to violently anti-British, religiously fanatical Muslim asylum seekers resident in the UK.
"Just as soon walk to work today, lest the RoP go after public transport again, and Red Ken has made it too expensive to drive in London."
by DrCruel April 26, 2006
An acronym for "Read on please", used in message boards when what you have to say does not fit in the allotted title space
"I really enjoyed last night and Mary...ROP"
by carwee August 08, 2009
An abbreviation for Ridiculously Outta Pocket. It should only be used when something extremely outta pocket occurs.
Man 1: Did you see that? That girl just slapped me in the face after smiling at her.

Man 2: Bro, that's hella ROP.
by Mr. Snubz June 05, 2010
Acronym meaning "Rock Out Proper." Meaning the art of partying to perfection no matter the cost, no matter the care. Also pertains to playing music to perfection. Ideally the two are done at the same time.
We are going to ROP tonight.
by pf040205 May 21, 2012
Using an acronym of other acronyms. Basically it's a combination of the following:

R = ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
O = OMG = Oh My G(od)dness
P = PIMP = Peeing In My Pants

Just got tired of seeing the abuse of LOL and thought it was time for something new
during text messaging, instead of "LOL" use "ROP!!!!"
by TexasMiggs November 01, 2011
Rop stems from bing rops, a clever anagram of bong rips
takin rops in the whip
by Sheraton December 14, 2010
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