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A phrase used to express an extreme disinterest in what a person has to say by stating this phrase sarcastically to trick the talker into thinking you actually give a shit. This is the more ironic choice than the well known meme "Cool story bro". Often times this is used specifically on those who have incorrectly used the term "cool story bro" or more accurately, someone who over uses it.
ex1:Guy 1: Yeah, So I saw my boss today in the mall and he asked me why I did not show up to work yesterday. So I told him "Cool Story bro." I so pwned him
Guy 2: Riviting Tale Chap!......(mutters)idiot.

ex2: Guy 1: So I kicked this guy's baby out the window and he bounce back into the house. It was amazing!
Guy 2: Cool story bro!
(5 mins later)
Guy 2: So I took a shit, and the dump looks like Alabama.
Guy 1: Riviting tale chap!
by RedSoxDragon aka Big Will November 30, 2009
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