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1. Drinking oneself to death. Likely to have a disastrously damaging effect on oneself or ones interest.

2. Water skiing fatal accident.

3. Clearing a bridge on a motorcycle when you back tire falls off.

4. Rebellious without no care or sympathy

5. Riding Vespa's in the middle of the night, wasted!
- Man, that guy has got to be River-cidal. He has been at the bar way too long.

- I saw that man go Rivercidal after he went skiing in that water at Havasu.

- Oh no, my tire is falling off. RIVERCIDAL!

- Don't make me go Rivercidal on your ass! I'll jack you up!

- Let go Rivercidal tonight, I'm all liquored up.
by RIVERCIDAL January 24, 2007
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