riverhead,ny. part of long island (not nyc or the hamptons) known to be ghetto by the people who live there.
its all good in riverhood
by kngkong144 September 25, 2007
a town on Long Island (actually called Riverhead) that was pronounced very wrongly by a ghetto volleyball team
person: "what team are you playing?"
other person: "Riverhood…sounds so ghetto"
me: "More ghetto than your education?"
by luceyrae July 24, 2014
riverside, illinois. a rich town, where the kids who live there consider it to be "ghetto"
i went to tha riverhood, and l-town is shot-up on tha block ghetto compared to it. and l-town isn't that ghetto, but they consider it terribly ghetto.
by seven L-town potatoes September 03, 2005

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