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Rising Sun is one of the most hick filled towns in Maryland located right in the middle of the biggest red neck county, Cecil County. When the people of Rising Sun aren't too busy farming, watching a little leauge baseball game, going to the drag strip, or fucking their sisters they're usually at the local KKK meeting. Rising Sun's claim to fame is that it is Marylands headquarters for the KKK and they are danm proud of it. The town is so racist that when the football coach of the high school heard they were going to play Aberdeen High School and Havre de Grace High School, which are too schools with a large majority of black students, the coach quit rather then even have to play them.
The Town of Rising Sun's Mottto: The only good Nigger is a dead Nigger
by Slappy White March 01, 2005
A sexual act where the male inserts one of his testicles into the woman's vagina. The woman then, without help from the male slowly tightens her kegels to squeeze the ball out, thus looking like a sun rising on the horizon. When done correctly this maneuver should be painless and result in pleasure and laughter for both parties. Also, when performed on certain women who posses little excess skin on the labia, a resounding pop much like a champagne bottle but wetter and juicier can be heard, adding to the moment. Despite its name and the freaky sexual tendencies of the Japanese people, Japanese men actually tend to avoid the rising sun. They believe that this action will incite the sea god, Owatatsumi, who punishes with tsunamis. Sorry, too soon?
Hahaha, Jane lost to me in a game of cricket, now I get to give 'er the good 'ol rising sun, eh mate?
by Winston Xue July 29, 2011
A small farm town in Cecil County, Maryland. Although located right below the mason-dixon, Rising Sun is a town that prides alot of southern history. Everybody knows everybody, and for the most part its just a friendly town of working class, fun timing, good ol country boys and girls. We dont like people who dont work for what they have, and we dont like outsiders trying to change our ways.
Some people say its a small minded hick town, we just say its Rising Sun.
by cecilcountyboy July 31, 2016
A quiet, friendly and hard working town in Northern Maryland where people can relax and enjoy their lives. About half the town is senior citizens but has been gaining younger families as the town expands. The town has several churches and welcomes all people of different faiths, races, and ideals. It also boasts a little league baseball field next to the community park and a high school known for producing great educations and a large number of graduates. If you've read any negative comments about Rising Sun, I can almost guarantee it was from one of the many embarrassed high school football teams that we've beaten over the years. Many businesses, large and small have chosen Rising Sun as their home including Martin's, Ace Hardware, and Bigfoot Subs (best cheesesteak subs around). If you ever have the chance to, stop in town, take a drive around and have lunch. Find out what warm and generous people we have here.
by risingsunpride August 01, 2011
A rising sun is when you defficate the night after having an unusualy "warm" curry and it creates a preverbial japanese flag or "a rising sun"
by herbertmcspoonerville February 18, 2010
n. a sexual position achieved by having sex with a japanese man/woman, by rising their ass up in the air, pouring Soy sauce/saki all over the anus, proptly inserting the penis, and thrusting from the pelvis.
My chick is japanese, so she did a handstand on the bed, while I poured saki all over her ass, and gave her a rising sun.
by MC Derf & gjelstiznles August 17, 2006
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