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A quiet, friendly and hard working town in Northern Maryland where people can relax and enjoy their lives. About half the town is senior citizens but has been gaining younger families as the town expands. The town has several churches and welcomes all people of different faiths, races, and ideals. It also boasts a little league baseball field next to the community park and a high school known for producing great educations and a large number of graduates. If you've read any negative comments about Rising Sun, I can almost guarantee it was from one of the many embarrassed high school football teams that we've beaten over the years. Many businesses, large and small have chosen Rising Sun as their home including Martin's, Ace Hardware, and Bigfoot Subs (best cheesesteak subs around). If you ever have the chance to, stop in town, take a drive around and have lunch. Find out what warm and generous people we have here.
by risingsunpride August 01, 2011

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