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My best friend in the whooooole entire world and the coolest girl you'll ever meet!
"You have no friends. Too bad you dont have someone like risa!"
by Amy March 15, 2004
That peculiar person that sits at the front of your English class who seems to be constantly talking, yet never gets in trouble. An "over-achiever" who does well in everything and always loves to have fun. A real party-goer who is fun to be around and loves to laugh. Very Competetive! VERY!
"Bet you I'm better at volleyball!"

"Quit being such a Risa!"


"Sorry, Risa, I know you want to party but I've got to do other things."
by loonybin1125 December 17, 2008
Risa (RE- Sah)

To be cool and yet perverted at times
Lisa is so risa, she's awsome but perverted too!
by Peter J. Oh March 20, 2007
word commonly mistaken by reeses.

n. something small
v. to turn japanese
n2. crazy girl thats screams in your face when you poke her
n. That risa can fit into a jar.
v. Dude, stop risaing. You're white dude.
n2. Omg it's Risa don't poke her.
by by: cool kid August 13, 2008
A planet in the, Star Trek shows, and movies that is a popular vacation and recreation destination for adult humans and other species of space travelers. Inhabitants of Risa are known for being very sexually open and expressive.
Q.: So Captain, where did you go for vacation and what did you do there before returning to the Enterprise? A: I spent it on Risa, need I say more?
by BUbukitty December 07, 2014
Shes a girl that is hella savage. She couldnt get give less fucks. Got long flowly hair, loves strawberries and likes to disect pigs. She is also pretty and likes to play piano
"Yo dude shes such a risa! Did you see the way she curved Mark in history?"
by bigbootyjuddddy May 31, 2016
who's that girl she thinks shes a princess but she aint
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
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