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a sweet boy who is sometimes mischievous. prone to doing "bad rippy things" that he knows he should not do, but is so attune to his sweetness that he knows he can get away with it and everyone still loves him.
You bad Rippy baby! You put your dirty feets on my bed!!! Aw, but you are so cute that I love you!
by SweetieA February 08, 2011
Another term for a bong hit
Q: Dude, wanna go hike up to that lake?

A: Yeah but first lets take a couple a rippies.
by slanzer October 03, 2007
Its that sticky icky bud. A good synonym for kryp marijuana. Its the dankest.
That rippy was fuckin' dank. Im so stoned nigger. Im so stoned.
by Jajs August 20, 2006
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