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Where to start? The word rippin it describes what all men and women look forward to every weekend, or EVERY day for some. A usual night of rippin it starts with a couple funnels of jaeger. Followed by winning several beer pong games in a row and yelling "RIPPIN IT" everytime you make a shot, followed by walkin the streets of seaside to find a slampiece, takin her to beachcombers to rippity rip it there, bring her back and go to poundtown, smoke a fat blunt while shitting on a stranger's vehicle, then walkin in to a random house to shotgun a beer, ended by returning to place of origin to funnel some vodka before bed. Pretty standard. A night of rippin it varies to great extent.
Nala - "Lakers just won, who wants to rip it til the sun comes up"
Todd - "LETSSSS GOOOOOOO, what we doin?"
Nala - "I don't give a shit I already funneled a handle of goose. I'm down to drive to Pacha and rip it there."
Todd - "Pick me up. I can't drive, I'm two beers deep."
Nala - "Man, you gotta learn how to rip it. Ill be there in a second."
by RIPPIN IT KING June 21, 2010
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