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Devotees of the world's fastest-growing religion, Rintellites worship a chubby, foul-tempered little New York Jew who could not pass the Bar Exam, so he became the lowercase idiot god of LIES and BULLSHIT.

Nothing he says can be trusted.
I'm a Rintellite and I'm okay - I fuck all night and I OOoommm all day! All ByteBrothers except Perky and Shaffy are devout Rintellites, and Shaffy, bing a Jew, controls the Rintellite World Bank.

Rintellism has one sacrament: Scamming.

Become a Rintellite today! Join the wave! OOooommmm ....
by Divine Snoid of the Rintellites November 18, 2004
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