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A warning of imminent danger; mainly an approaching teacher or other person capable of disciplinary action.

Man 1: "Dude so last night i went out and..."
Man 2: "Ringo."
(Authority figure passes)
Man 1: "Thanks man."
by Damau5 April 13, 2010
A ringo is the person (usually male) in a group of friends or clique who is blamed for everything or always picked on by the rest. Common characteristics of a ringo include laughing when they are insulted, never being able to word things properly, and the fact that they're always good to have around.
Kid 1: Hey, what'd you do last week?
Ringo: I pool played....played...played p–
Kid 1: Hahahahahahahahahaha
Kid 2: You're such a ringo
by ziggystardust July 23, 2014
A game played at massage parlours, prior to going in each person is allocated a number and they have to choose the girl corresponding to that number also known as rub out bingo
John, Dan, Rob and I went to the massage parlour and played Ringo, I had 3 and got the 3rd girl she lloked like a moose but hey thats Ringo
by Alnan November 22, 2012
Def 1.) (Verb) Jump
Def 2.) (Adjective) Cool, sweet, occasionally high-strung
Person 1-Man, he's so cool.
Person 2- Yeah. he's like a Ringo!
by Tabletzzzz September 22, 2009
noun(1)A Ringo is the one of those things that's not like the other, it's the one of those things doesn't make sense. (2)In a small group, the Ringo is that which is most dissimilar. (3)Ringo is a term derived from the role of Ringo Starr in British rock band, The Beatles. (4)Ringo typically carries a negative connotation.
"I'll go for the blonde. Jake, you get the brunette and Paul, you have to take the Ringo."
by Angrygenes February 06, 2009
The anal sphincter - commonly used in west belfast.
Lick my fuckin ringo ya wee mongo!!
by Vince the Mince June 17, 2007
Someone who is:

1) Brain dead

2) Exceptionally retarded

3) in the Beatles, but for some reason or another, you never hear about, unless they release a very bad album.
"Mate, you're a fucking ringo"
by Leif Erickson April 11, 2008