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An incredibly hilarious racial slur for Indian people (sounds funniest when spoken with an Indian accent).

Possibly referring to the sound you hear when you walk into a 7-11.
I went to my chemistry class and this ring ding smelled up the whole lecture hall!
by PatD13 December 12, 2011
A woman who gives a little slap down on the head of a man's hard on.
She thinks his dick is funny; gives it a little ring ding before getting busy.
by Antenna Wilde February 19, 2008
A certain sound/word you say whenever an awkward moment appears or just to say it anytime you feel like it. Requires the ability to roll your R's when saying this word.
Bob: Soooo....Do you like homosexual soup?
Pablo: Ringding!!!
Bob: Okay then...
by LalaLauraaa April 07, 2010
a word commonly used in comedy acts. believed to be a hostest treat. never actually existed but stereotyped as what fat people eat.
i drew the short straw, i gotta order for the whole construction site. lets seeee... ill need 47 cups of coffee, 31 slim jims, 2 packs of tic-tacs and 82 packs of ring dings.
by suckers December 11, 2003
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