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police constable.Officer of the law
"good evening cunstable"
by geemeister November 19, 2004
Having to reluctantly sit with an elderly relative,whilst their normal family/carer has a break
'coming out saturday nite jim?'
'nope, gotta go fossil watching'
by geemeister November 18, 2004
vomit,usually containing carrots no eaten in living memory.
"god i was ill last nite i was choking carrots all nite".
by geemeister November 19, 2004
Usually a teenage owner of a 50/125cc motorcycle/scooter, who affiliates with 'townies'.Rides around and around town centres late at nite with baffles removed from exhaust system,trying to squeeze that extra mph out of their rusting heaps of crap.
track suit bottomed,crash helmet carrying chavs found in areas immediately around Mcdonalds
by geemeister November 19, 2004
also known as 'Paltalk', ideal place to obtain unwanted friends ie;stalkers
' that moose from palstalk rang me again today'
by geemeister November 18, 2004
Norgit, or northern git, one who originates from nothern UK cities, ie; liverpool,manchester.Particularly annoying to southerners.constantly praises life 'up north'
'if you love it so much in manchester ,why dont you eff off back up there you soddin norgit!'
by geemeister November 18, 2004
A hideously over made up munter.Often overweight, always ugly
"my god mate look at that grunderhunter stood at the bar"
by geemeister November 19, 2004
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