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A dog, similar to Lassie.
"That's Rin Tin Tin!"
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
The live-action show about a police dog; sequel to "Tin-Tin: K9 Cop"
wow. Rin Tin Tin really does bite those black and mexican actors harder than the white-hick ones......
by anastacia December 22, 2004
Slang word for the drug Methylphenidate. Generally refers to Ritalin tablets, but may be used for any generic preparation.
Ricky - "What the hell Mitch, you've been studying for your statistics exam for three days straight, what's wrong with you?"
Mitch - "Every two hours i swallow a cap of rin tin tin."
by donramono March 28, 2012
An alcoholic shot made up of: Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Red bull.
We were so messed up at Champps last night that we created our own shot called the Rin Tin tin.

Bartender give me a Rin Tin Tin.
by mmartinko August 31, 2009
An awesome girl who is hot and has a crappy bf
rintintin:i love you
by william hinkle November 17, 2007
any girl that blows a dog.
She such a rin tin tin for blowing that dog.
by Al Sharpton October 22, 2003
Some smooth ass shit
Yo, that pimpin' ride is Rin Tin Tin!
by Kevin January 29, 2003