the act of aiming for the anus after pulling out during sex.
"I pulled out, turned her over and totally gave her a rimshot!"

"So last night, i told him to pull out, and he pulled me forward and shot it right into my ass! i think he was aiming for it. I can't believe that jerk gave me a rimshot!"
by Jane83 March 29, 2012
a picture with someone squating down next to thier crappy hubcaps
look at that douchebag taking a rim-shot

that's a crappy rim-shot. he drives a tercel wagon
by abalard June 09, 2007
When you take a piss but rim it off the inside of the toliet bowl
Jim -"I had to make a rim shot last night so i wouldn't wake my parents"
Carl - "I tried that yesterday, but it kept going into the toliet water"
Jim - "Practice makes perfect baby"
by Chain Lubricant June 22, 2010
When you try to cum in your girl (or guys) mouth but only hit the lips.
I finally talked my girl into letting me cum in her mouth but it was a total rim shot.
by BA_091709916am September 17, 2009
when you are going down on a chic and you slip and do an accidental lick of her anus. it could turn into a rimjob if you keep doing it.
OMG the bitch moved when i moved my tongue, and i totally gave her a rimshot!
by gryfin June 04, 2010
To lick the anus
by Julie July 10, 2003
to drink liquor out of another's anus.
chocolate tequila:
tequila poured over a dirty ass.
by biggdogg September 04, 2003

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