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<vb> Sexual position. Putyour legs over your head and make someone lick your ass.
I went to see my bitch and give her a rimjaw
by Warren Spalding February 04, 2004
is what morons are confusing with rim job because of south park and kyles mums shitty accent
tongue my ass bitches
by fudge tongue March 08, 2005
n. condition in which the victim's jaw is stuck in an open position after performing a rim job on their partner for an extended period of time.
"Maybe his bad breath wouldn't be so noticeable if he didn't have rim jaw."
by poopypants April 02, 2003
When someone sticks there head between their legs and then has someone lick their ass.
Your mom gave me a rimjaw!
by Ray S January 14, 2003
pu your legs behind your head and have someone lick your butthole
Tony Blair would put his legs behind his head, and gorden brown would lick his little hairy butthole
by simon May 13, 2003
When you stick your head between your legs an have some1 lick your ass
That girl gave me a rim-jaw
by Ray S January 14, 2003
well thats when you put your legs behind your head and let some body lick your ass
mum, whats a rim jaw
by bad man April 02, 2003
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