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A type of mammal found in South Africa only recently discovered. It has horns coming out of its ears, a small brain and is pitch black in colour. It likes to hunt on smaller rats and hedgehogs, but itself can be catergorised as a Rat-Fish because of it's ability to survive both Sea and Land terrains.
On my way to Africa I saw a giant Rikveer walking on the island.
by Jazzy B August 09, 2005
A largely unknown bird with no wings. The bird has no beak either, no wonder its extinct.
My father passed away last week, I can't believe he did a rikveer.
by Disco Stew August 11, 2005
A Rikveer is a small rodent found in South Africa, also known as a rat, which has pricks on its back and which has highly poor eyesight too. Rikveer's have no legs or eyeballs and can be seen to be running into walls eye first. Their brains have very limited capacity, if any.
Once I saw a Rikveer and accidently trod on its face.
by Disco Stew August 11, 2005
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