A cool backward, then forward high-fiving motion.
That hat's a fun color! Riggles!
by jeff daniels in dumb & dumber April 06, 2009
Top Definition
A double slap, like mibbies but back around.

A back slap, then a front slap to someone else hand.
You're not an alchoholic! Riggles!
by Joeseph Anderson December 06, 2007
The act of getting picked on, usually resulting in the person being incapable of spelling.
Man, that tech was Riggled. Now he spells goog!
by Chicken Feet April 30, 2005
When you are telling a joke/riddle, and you burst out laughing before the punch line, pissing off your friends when they never hear the end.
"Paul's riggle yesterday was so annoying."
by JZeb March 04, 2009
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