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The right spelling of "Riftdrawl". The feeling millions of people get when not being able to play the game Rift.
Random Says: Chad lets go! Rift is not gonna be up for two more days.

Chad Says: NO! What if they put the servers up early?!

Random Says: Your going through Riftdrawls man! Snap out of it!

Joe Says: No you idiot... It's Riftdrawals... Learn to spell!
by RiftFan February 01, 2011
The feeling one gets when unable to play Rift. A mix of Rift and Withdrawal.
Trion better bring up the Rift servers soon, I'm going through Riftdrawal!
by Copeeland January 30, 2011
The state of suffering withdrawal of the video game "Rift".
The game server is down and I'm suffering from Riftdrawal.
by WildcatJTA February 01, 2011
Some stupid fucking term nerdy ass faggots came up with when their Open Beta game was down for 3 days. They sucked eachothers dicks until it re-opened.
Gayguy1: hey man, im going through some serious RIFTDRAWALS HA HA what should i do?
Gayguy2: We should suck eachothers cocks!
Gayguy1: OK!!!!!!
by awesomenigga666 February 22, 2011
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