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The hood on which tons of gangstas get their grind on.unmistakbly strong king pins in the east.shot callers , the heavy armed sawed-off artillery gang bangers rule the joint. massive amounts of hash at stake. its a free for all out dont wanna mess with their girls.chin checkin takes place when triggered. A to the Z is one of the most notorious of all.he is belived of causing the 187th street massacre.where countless arms are found scattered like USDA Sirloins on a george foreman.
If u trespass on sawed-off territory. Rotts surround from every dark corner.
Nigga.them east riffa hustlaz holdin it down for real.
2 g'z 20 ki's at ease with bezels on the knees
by Leathaface999 May 29, 2009
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