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The sexiest, nicest, most amazing guy you will ever meet. This Bulgarian hottie is a major player; the ladies would do anything for him. Nobody screws around with him because he is a fierce boxer, which is where he got his luscious, muscular body from (don't bother trying to arm-wrestle with him: you will lose even if you use both hands). He's got the brains, but he doesn't really challenge himself. If you ever meet a Ridvan, definitely be friends with him because he is the coolest guy on the planet.
girl: ohmygod look at Ridvan, he is such a hunk!
guy: HEY! you can't say that, you are my girlfriend.
girl: I don't care, he is hotter.
#sexy #bulgarian #brunette #muscular #freak
by Gatto Matto October 09, 2009
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a very ugly turkey, has a wrinkly red neck and it looks like muskaan's skin, likes to jerk off to muskaan.
its a big ridvan, run away!!!
#its #a #big #ridvan #run
by rated18 September 16, 2014
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