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Generally a white middle class area.
Bordering districts include sanderstead, purley and kenley.
Noteable attributes:
- Railway station
- One bus route.
- Commonland.
- Farming fields
- Small parade of shops both North (Peters corner shop) and South (VJ's not so much on a corner, corner shop).
-St.Edmunds Church.
-Riddlesdown High School

The place is normally quite quiet, except the few chavs nowadays that enjoy riding the 'mitchley avenue' on their hairdryers (Mo-peds) at 3am.

Many OAPs inhabit the area and usually take a while crossing at riddlesdowns main zebra crossing, mitchley avenue. It has been reported of several cases where impatient road users have yelled 'Hurry the F*** up you old c***' or words to that effect to the 'not so fast' elderly.

Unfortunately, there isnt a pub - which would make the area a real countryside village. A new fish and chip shop has recentley been established by the owners of maggies diner. Maggies diner is a small cafe on the north parade of shops, reknown for its gorgeous bacon sandwiches or other taste-bud tickling meals. Riddlesdown school kids often visit here.
Where do you live?
I live in riddlesdown, croydons only country like village.
Oh right...
So you're rich?
Yeah i am.
Fancy a shag?
by GRobber. May 16, 2010
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