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Great british boxer from southport, manchester. A welterweight fighter. Don't underestimate this guy over his size, he will drop you in the blink of an eye. His nickname is the hitman.
Ricky Hatton got owned by manny pacquaio.
by spudman2k9 August 09, 2009
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the most talented british boxer out there.
Ricky Hatton vs. Arturo Gatti would be one of the best jr. welterweight fights ever.
by L337Fighter July 12, 2004
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best english body punching boxer of all time, will destroy anyone in his path
Ricky Hattons body punching will force Flloyd Maywether to cry to his mercy like the little bitch that he is.
by Seymoore Butts July 27, 2005
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