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One level above Ridiculous.
Man that guy is Rickdiculous.
by PDXKing April 27, 2007
Mostly used as an adjective when discussing a person who constantly finds themselves in unfortunate situations because of a questionable decision made at an earlier time. Often, the offendee so to speak, tries to justify their actions by explaining an elaborate story of what was "supposed" to happen.
Dude 1: Bro, I just got head in the back of a taxi cab from my 32 year old midget manager. It wasn't my fault though, she just started going at it and I couldn't do anything about it.

Dude 2: ....Man...you're rickdiculous.
by C to the O February 07, 2009
1. used if something is being rediculous.

2. someone who does rediculous stuff all the time.

3. someone who tells false storys about himself.
1. HE: Dude i got an 4.0 every year since 5th grade.
YOU: Ya right Rick!

2. HE: Check out those two chicks. I got lucky on both of 'em last night. (true fact)
YOU: Respect Rick Diculous!

3. see first.
by gon200 April 02, 2008
the creation of unnecessary formality in  an often ridiculous way. 
A seersucker suit at a crawfish boil??

Totally rickdiculous
by Bluize June 01, 2012