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The act of listening to an AMAZING song and totally enjoying it until suddenly, Rick Ross begins rapping and ruins the entire song so badly that you have to change it.
"So I was dumpin that new Drake joint yesterday y'know? Man, it was HARD until I got Rick Rossed! I had to turn that shit off!"
by krhym3 November 29, 2011
To get owned by someone, most commonly used in the gaming community.
You just got Rick Rossed by him man
by beyonddisturbed January 01, 2009
1. to be verbally or physically dismissed/owned.
2. when a person does or says something stupid or makes a full of themselves.
3. when you hear 'money make me come' by rick ross.
4. the valley's version of "rick rolled."
"oooooooooh child that door just slammed in my face."
"aha you just got RICK ROSSED."
by hunter/travie/silva. November 15, 2008
to shave your upper region and leave the lower area"boys" hairy
yo last night i rick ross'ed my junk strait baller sunn
by KEZARK31 April 22, 2011
when you think you are god almighty and monster toke the blunt/bowl, start choking and coughing, causing an abrupt, deep, harsh exhale making a noise sounding like rick ross going "ROSSSS!!"
"dont hit this loud too hard. youll rick ross it."

"bitch just rick rossed the blunt bro"
by kungfupanda317 January 09, 2015
A game above all games that occurs when a helpless victim says the word "who" and therefore gets Rick Rossed by saying "Rick Ross" after who.. Credit due to Brian "The Boss" Ross and Ben Ross "With the Hot Wing Sauce."
#1: Knock Knock.....
Victim: Who's there?
#1: Rick "The Dick as Boss"
Victim: Damnit, I just got Rick Rossed again.
by t.u.sux December 15, 2008
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