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Rick Ross, (Born William Roberts in Carol City, Florida in 1977), is an American rapper from , a city north of Miami in Dade County, Florida. He is signed with Slip-N-Slide, which as of 2006, is distributed under Def Jam Records. "Port Of Miami", Rick Ross's up and coming album is set to be release sometime in the Fall of 2006 and is expected to include artist such as Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Trick Daddy, & UGK. Rick Ross has stated that his inspirations for rapping are Big Daddy Kane, Tupac, Ice Cube, Notorious B.I.G, and Trick Daddy. 1
BMW 754i white on white that is Rick Ross
by phyberoptix July 31, 2006
meaning is to be above and better than anything else that is around this person at the time they say this common phrase
Mostly used on IRC
<phyberoptix> i r teh hax
*** Alex bows before teh hax
by phyberoptix July 28, 2006
1.To smack a chick on her booty

2.When having doggy style sex your nuts can do this

3.To smack that ass to get a girls attention
1. I was loving it last night while I was booty smackin Leah

2. Man my balls hurt from my balls booty smackin that stripper we gangbanged last night

3. I was booty smackin our waitress last night because she wasnt bringing our drinks quick enough
by phyberoptix August 24, 2006
When your driving around pimpin out your 20 inch wheels
I am just ridin dubs and smokin blunts today
by phyberoptix February 14, 2007
Short for Happy Thanksgiving
<phyberoptix> hpythxgvn losers
<Matt> lets go out n git us sum roadkill
<Alex> dem dere roadkill varmints r wut teh indians ate
by phyberoptix October 31, 2007
When on IRC you tab to auto complete someone's nick and you dont pay attention and you tab once and use that nick that is the wrong nick.
<phyberoptix> i got to urinate
<SnowMa|den> Too Much Info :S but Take Your Time PhiSH
<SnowMa|den> whoops
<SnowMa|den> phyberoptix*
<PhiSH> one more time.
<phyberoptix> pretabulation strikes again!
by phyberoptix December 03, 2007
Short for Happy Fucking Halloween
<phyberoptix> hpyfkghlowen
<Matt> thx joo massa for teh candy
by phyberoptix October 31, 2007
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