Rickraped is a variant of the Rickrolled internet phenomenon in which an ususpecting user clicks a link expecting to see something relating to message from a friend or a discussion thread and instead Rick Astley leaps out from the computer and rapes the viewer.
Trent: So I clicked on this link Bobby sent me in an email saying it was pics of his new car and before i knew what was happening, Rick Astley jumped out of my computer screen and buttfucked me while eating a tuna sangwich.

Chip: You got Rickraped bro....Hard. Rick Astley is known to eat tuna sangwiches while performing Rickrape.

Trent: Yeah well it fuckin sucked.
by crazycyrax June 17, 2009
Top Definition
To be "Rick Roll'd" while streaming videos three or more times in one sitting.
Guy 1: "Dude, I was trying to find that new College Humor video last night, but I got Rick Roll'd five times!"

Guy 2: "Jeez, you got Rick Raped."
by gentlemanthrash March 05, 2010
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