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3 definitions by gentlemanthrash

noun A black turtleneck worn as a layer for tactical espionage, infiltration, or otherwise covert special ops missions. Coined by the Television show, "Archer" on FX. Seen on the show as well as in spy/spec ops movies, television programs, and video games.
Spy 1: Be sure to dress dark for the mission.

Spy 2: Don't worry. I'm wearing my tactileneck.

Spy 1: Me too!
by gentlemanthrash March 24, 2010
45 5
To be "Rick Roll'd" while streaming videos three or more times in one sitting.
Guy 1: "Dude, I was trying to find that new College Humor video last night, but I got Rick Roll'd five times!"

Guy 2: "Jeez, you got Rick Raped."
by gentlemanthrash March 05, 2010
21 11
(adj.) The state of being a man is in when they have finished first in a two-man threeway.
Guy 1: Alright, we're both going to do this so let's remember; whoever is dictorious gets to leave first.

Guy 2: May the best man win.
by gentlemanthrash March 07, 2010
2 1