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An event or occasion in which someone dies of a shotgun death by someone shooting the victim in the head. Before the shot in the head, the shooter says this first, "I'M RICK JAMES B****!," and then the shooter shoots the victim in the head numerous times until the victim dies epically. Could possibly occur on videogames with any type of shotgun or could possibly happen also in real life, but only the true Rick James could do it.
Atanga: *Points shotgun at head* You know what this means right?

a0redd: Oh noes, not again...

Atanga: That's right, I'M RICK JAMES B****! *Shoots in the head*

Atanga: You just Rick Jamesd ph00.
by StealthBlackHand April 07, 2009
Getting hit by a person who is obviously cooler or better than you, usually in the face.
A pimp: My bitch didn't pay up, so I Rick James'd that hoe!!
by +|2U$|-|+ November 15, 2009
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