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An idea in which a new player asks a profligate amount of request to party a strong player in order for the new player to become strong eventually or due to laziness of the new player making his or her character strong on their own. Usually occurs in MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and the request is most likely rejected by the strong player due to the new player's lack of attention to the strong player's statements that he or she doesn't want to be partied with the new player. Can also be associated with noob.
New player: pt me, im noob

*Uses party command on Mayhem1230*

Mayhem1230: Can you leave me alone, you are so partyistic.

*Rejects party*

New player: plzzzzzzz, pt me, im noob

*Rejects party, resulting for the new player to spam the party command until Mayhem1230 agrees to party*

by StealthBlackHand March 20, 2009
An event or occasion in which someone dies of a shotgun death by someone shooting the victim in the head. Before the shot in the head, the shooter says this first, "I'M RICK JAMES B****!," and then the shooter shoots the victim in the head numerous times until the victim dies epically. Could possibly occur on videogames with any type of shotgun or could possibly happen also in real life, but only the true Rick James could do it.
Atanga: *Points shotgun at head* You know what this means right?

a0redd: Oh noes, not again...

Atanga: That's right, I'M RICK JAMES B****! *Shoots in the head*

Atanga: You just Rick Jamesd ph00.
by StealthBlackHand April 07, 2009
An expression in which the economy has inflicted a bad thing on someone even though it was not the economy's fault.
*John gets his character in a game headshot*

John: Oh my god, I just got economically owned!

Mike: Well, the economy is to be blamed for this.

John: What the fu** does the economy have to do with this?

Mike: I don't fu***** know, just accept that you got economically owned.
by StealthBlackHand March 19, 2009
A person showing gayness towards the community (Online or real life) or the society or showing their annoyingness to people. Usually known for having a bad reputation for their behaviors (Most of the time something gay) and/or annoyingness. These kinds of people usually do not have any friends but trys to make one by throwing themselves on other people's conversations or talks randomly to you. Most of the time, they are either ignored or told (In a bad way) to leave immediately.
Mayhem1230: Man, look at that guy inside the safe zone, he's so emmanuelistic.

Calabunta: I know huh, just look at him, he's hustling everyone who's AFK.

Mayhem1230: I sure hope that I won't be AFK around that guy or he'll surely post an SS hustling people.
by StealthBlackHand April 09, 2009
A player, usually a newbie or noob which he or she asks for items due to the fact that they just started an online game and want strong items immediately. Most of the time ignored by players and the newbie still tries its luck for having a strong and rich player to give his or her items to the new player.
New Player: itens pl0x? *Uses trade command*

Mayhem1230: *Ignores while walking up Lorencia*

New Player: plsssss, im noob and weak. i want to be strong too

Mayhem1230: You again, not only you were partyistic but now you're also itemistic too, what has the world gone to?
by StealthBlackHand April 06, 2009
A racist remark towards Asian people, usually to mock their style of eating with chop sticks and rice bowls.
Person 1: Want to go to the mall?

Person 2: Sure, but I'm going to Panda Express later.

Person 1: WTF dude, are you racist or something?

Person 2: What, I just said I'm going to Panda Express.

Person 1: Look up what Panda Express means before you say that in public.
by StealthBlackHand March 20, 2009
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