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A woman who never stops suprising you. A living, breathing wonderful contradiction. Smiley, sad eyes. Gentle,tough as fucking nails. Will tell you anything you want to know, but you will never know her.This woman is a friend you want to have...loyal to a fault,even after having been betrayed. Kind to everyone, but will fight like a damn warrior for those she loves.Once you finally get past the ten foot wall around're glad you made the effort.Sexy,innocent.Shy,outgoing.Fast, takes her sweet time.Oldfashioned,cutting edge.Yin.Yang.
GIRL ONE: Hey, have you met Richelle? She is an awesome chick!She is always smiley!

Girl2: Richelle? She is a total bitch! Won't even talk to anyone!Too shy for me.and too fucking old fashioned!

Girl ONE: Really? Are we talking about the same Richelle? She is full of suprises!
by someonewhogotin333 March 09, 2010
A person of the female gender that is generally short with blond hair. Has a good personality and is a hard worker, and who also values family and friends the most. Tends to be a musician or artist. Beautiful, creative, compassionate, loving, forgiving, independent.

Also tends to be grumpy in the early morning hours.
Did you see that girl? She was short and blond. It must have been a Richelle.
by Orinna August 29, 2008
friendly, jolly, unique, loyal, humble, attractive, naive at times, ambitious, persistant, dedicated, intelligent, efficient, humourous, aggressive at times, bold, creative, hard working, loving, caring , loves to sleep , fair, just, peacemaker, cheeky
' wow! ' he said, ' u worked like a richelle today.'
by rori1983 February 08, 2010
the baddest hott mommma that walk the earth!!!!She can dance like are rockstar as well rock your body in the afraid to tussle with her because she's got all the seductive moves to steal your man@@@
damn...look at the richelle chick..i bet she's a good lay with those moves!!!!
by sugar729 November 14, 2008
Is sexy and fun to be with :) a good friend that eveyone loves <3 has big boobs and butt also. Nice kind and worthy. Hates people who lie behide their back. also are smart and funny.
guy : Hey dude isnt that the girl you banged ?

friend : yah man Richelle is hot !
by garrygfjs April 16, 2011
A very loud person who knows how to get down and dirty. She can be really freaky in bed. She likes it rough and dirty. She can squirt all day, everyday, you know? Also known for her long term memory skills. A Richelle can be a great friend but also a competitive person. She'll steal all the boys and keep em to herself.
Girl 1: OMG! She just stole my boyfriend!
Girl 2: She is such a Richelle!
by Jizzonyoubaby July 04, 2011
A tweeker chick that bangs old men for money. Most of the money and things she has, she has made on her back. She'll use you for favors and take you for a ride. In typical meth whore fashion, she'll steal your money, and when you know its missing, she'll help you look for it. A Richelle is a delusional princess who has been sheltered her whole life, until the needle comes out, then she can justify anything she has done. Bottle blonde typically, brunette naturally. Usually has been riding on her cuteness for her entire life, but never worked for anything that she has gotten. Probably a multiple felon. A wolf in sheep's clothing; has no shame. Stick your dick in her, and it might fall off.
Hey I banged that cute little piece of ass Richelle last night.

Whoa dude, she sucked off my grandpa last week for 100 bucks and a trip to Six Flaggs.

Choo Choo, when does the train run on those tracks, Richelle is like Amtrak. Tracks everywhere and filled up by lots of old men who pay a few bucks. Better get an AIDS test, she's working the station...
by august pride August 25, 2014
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