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A woman who never stops suprising you. A living, breathing wonderful contradiction. Smiley, sad eyes. Gentle,tough as fucking nails. Will tell you anything you want to know, but you will never know her.This woman is a friend you want to have...loyal to a fault,even after having been betrayed. Kind to everyone, but will fight like a damn warrior for those she loves.Once you finally get past the ten foot wall around her...you're glad you made the effort.Sexy,innocent.Shy,outgoing.Fast, takes her sweet time.Oldfashioned,cutting edge.Yin.Yang.
GIRL ONE: Hey, have you met Richelle? She is an awesome chick!She is always smiley!

Girl2: Richelle? She is a total bitch! Won't even talk to anyone!Too shy for me.and too fucking old fashioned!

Girl ONE: Really? Are we talking about the same Richelle? She is full of suprises!
by someonewhogotin333 March 09, 2010
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