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A foul-smelling, neckbeard-wearing, Steam-powered, Vomitron-based ranga of dubious reputation. This creature is vehemently non-conformist, yet dwells on the fringes of mainstream, all the while polluting both dialogue and intelligence with incoherent ramblings that mainly consists of praises to a fortress of teams. Currently is still navigating the phase known as 'Spewberty'
"Richdor was a man. Or maybe he was a ranga-man. Or maybe he was just a ranga... but he was still RICHDOOOOR! Ferninating the countryside. Ferninating the lemons. Ferninating all the sheeple in the THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES! And the Richdor comes and COMPLAINS!"
by Chiggalo January 08, 2009
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