When a child is born into a family of great riches, living in a fucking big estate. This child tends to act pompous and snotty. Boys with Rich Kid Syndrome tend to act feminine, and are given names such as 'sissy', 'nancy' and 'goodie-two-shoes'. They get about with their limo, escourted by their butler, Jeeves.
I don't know anyone with Rich Kid Syndrome, but if I did I'd knock and run at their house, planting fart-bombs.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 13, 2003
Top Definition
A child, who has been born into great fortune, however does not realize it. The child has been pampered his entire life and therefore usually puts themselves ahead of others, later on leads to social problems , and general self-hatred, usually leading to excessive drinking, excessive marijuana use and/or excessive cocaine use in teen years. Usually he or she has lived in a sheltered community, that consists of other rich kids, therefore when confronted with someone lesser of fortune, he or is she is unable to comprehend it, and usually mocking is employed. He or she is also lazy; having never having to worry about receiving anything due to a pampered lifestyle and usually receives failing marks in school. Usually grows up to: 1) spend daddy's money 2)begin a career at daddy's company as a vice-president only to spend the day masturbating like a wild monkey to internet pornography 3) become a bum 4) become a drug addict and/or alcoholic 5) work at McDonalds.
Damn! That kid definitely suffers from Rich Kid Syndrome, he drives 75,000 Mercedes G-500, never has worked a day in his life, and is failing out of school! Screw Reagan!
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