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Scion Xb, an ugly, boxy car made by Toyota.
What the f*** is that ugly ass toyota?
Oh, its just a rice-box.
by Ebott September 01, 2007
Off center hood scoop, usually an after market modification fitted on a vehicle with an inline engine.
Sarcastically: "That guy's Honda has a rice box and a bookshelf, he's cool."
by Rupan March 02, 2007
a rice box is an asian pussy
i ate a rice box last night
by dianelee August 13, 2006
A woman who has taken part in intercourse with asians
Have you met Henry Chen's new girlfriend?, she's a total rice box.
by corivondoris January 07, 2009
Known for their High Quality releases. Biggest fansubbing group on ETG currently.
I loved Rice-Box's Last Exile ep 1!, but Infusion's was crap!
by Kotarou April 16, 2003
A slang term for Playstation 2 or any other system that sony makes
bring over dat ricebox I gotta play me sum VICE CITY!!!!!!
by rocafella May 14, 2004