Rice/Ricer is a person who does useless things to a car and doesnt understand what the fuck or what the hell, he or she is doing so they buy useless parts anyway and they dont buy performance parts that would enhance the vehicles performance,so instead they buy useless parts that dont do shit,and theres this kid at school who thinks hes a bad ass which he isnt,he has a shitty as fuck gay ass saturn with the bee sounding like civic style exhaust but much much worse.I got a song for those kids at school this is for you fags.It goes by saying,

"Rice Boy Rice Boy What You Gonna Do, What You Gonna Do When The Cops/Pigs Catch You.its like a remix of the cops song but different.
"Theres this kid at my school named josh pramik and he has a riced out integra.,One day i was like lol wtf why does he have a radar detector?, in his car when it isnt even fast enough.I was like what a fag for ruining a car he should get shot,so what he did was put a aluminum rice style wing on it,altezza taillights and a body kit,the kit looks ok and so does the rims but please,get that hideious ass riced out useless aluminum wing off,altezzas and ditch the radar detector from your slow ass 140hp ride fag! oh and btw everytime i see your car i point and laugh at it because of house hideous it is and why do you try to be so fuckin cool? your not assmuch so please stop it at one and now,imeediately.
by Chris Matthews February 10, 2005
Top Definition
A rice isnt just some Japanese some american cars are rice .What "rice" means is that people rice out american cars aswell,like people rice out mustangs,camaro's,dodges,fords,chevys,saturns,geos,traillbazers,blazers,trackers ,and people rice out french cars,anything some riceboys can get their hand on and ruin they will.The defenition of rice/ricer is a person that buys a car and adds usless things to it,usless rice wings,those huge ass spoilers that dont provide downforce and is only for looks and the bumblebee style exhaust/exhaust tip,altezzas,(i would keep the stock ones on)and if your car has the altezzas it doesnt mean the car is rice that means the taillights are rice and must be removed with other ones.

Also check out
for more information.
Dude those camaro's,mustangs,saturns,geos,
trailblazers,blazers,trackers, and those french cars are riced out to the max!!
by dan July 11, 2004
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