A stupid dumbfuck who is mean to all gurls and thinks that i have something against blacks. (which i fuckin dont)
Hey, stop being a dumbfuck Rhondell and go back to the hood.
by Anonamys October 04, 2003
Top Definition
The previous definition was so clever and intelligent that I doubt anyone could compete with it. Note the vocabulary -- the subtlety and nuance. The definition should surely be included in the next publishing of Websturd's dictionary.
That guy is really a Rhondell.
by Donnigan Fwaldis February 08, 2004
A mentally retarded kid who gets put in the submission hold everytime she is bad
"Rhondell stop resisting"

"Mrs.A you're hurting me"

cool it rhondell or you're gonna be put in the hold
by rhondell May 24, 2016
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