The act of performing oral sex on a women from behind by which your tongue enters her pussy while your nose jabs her cornhole, this also works in the prone position and the tongue enters the corhhole while your nose jabs her pussy
" I bent that naughty bitch over and gave her the rhino of her life"
#oral #lick #pussy #cornhole #jab
by RhinoMaster October 08, 2008
To hit someone in the tailbone with your knee without the person knowing you're there; invented by a kid from Satellite Beach,Fl
jack got rhinoed so hard he cried
#knee #butt #satellite beach #fl #chris floyd
by epiccow April 03, 2011
Middle aged, overweight, rabid fangirls that follow their favourite musicians to every concert, usually buying out the first few rows, sit in lines at appearances for many hours prior and annoy every last radio station on earth to play the music of their chosen victim.
They often bitch about each other, and other, more mature fans and fight over whom is the biggest and most dedicated fan of their herd. They also will stampede to be number one amongst their fantasy musician and often try to ruin the lives of other fans via social networking websites.
Most of these women are married and may have children, but some are known to divorce because of their Celebrity Worship Syndrome.
All in all, Rhinos are very manipulative and mean, but come across as beautiful angels to the general public and their fangirl dream.
Example 1
Person 1: Hurry up! We have to get in line to see *name musician here* before the Rhino stampede.

Example 2
Person 2: Don't even bother, the rhinos will NOT sit down for anyone. They are so obsessed and self-absorbed and they all hate each other, but will really hate you now that you've said that.

Example 3
How a Rhino works.
What they say: Let's spread the love, joy and music of *name musician here*
What they think: I'm the biggest fan, no one else can ever say otherwise, but if they do, I will ruin their life.
#rhino #rabid fangirl #fangirlism #obsession #celebrity worship syndrome #fat
by howdotheywork December 22, 2010
persons whos a republican asshole simply becasue they either don't understand what republicans are really about or seek to distance themselves from the stgma attached to the left usaully caused by being brought up in a anti-itllectual conservative household

Republican In Name Only
that duchy brother in-law that married the dumbest sister, thats a rhino
#rino #ass #asshole #duche #facist #jerk #dick #motherfucker
by memphian rebel December 17, 2010
the most retarded person in the world, he also makes a TERRIBLE boyfriend,

he thinks hes the toughest guy ever, yet no one likes him.
james is such a fucking rhino !
#retard #bad boyfriend #shit head #unicorn #loser #no one likes you
by taradactyl2 June 22, 2010
A name for an attack performed by forming one's hands into a fist shape with the thumbs together and pointed outward. The attacker proceeds to send their "hand rhino" swiftly upwards into the asshole of the victim.
He carressed his anus, as he had just become the victim of a powerful rhino.
#rhino #rhinocerus #horn #fist #hand #thumbs
by Extreme Dicktator March 05, 2010
An overweight female.
"Look at that chick Derek's grinding on, what a rhino!"
#fatty #rino #overweight #fugly #attentionwhore
by rschunk October 27, 2009
A short stocky kid that resembles a rhino. Also often slightly resembles a ewok and or a gremlin.
"Dude check that pic on my phone."
"HAHA what a Rhino!"
#ewok #mike #ryan #mccord #rhino #little #brother #gremlin
by Willard II June 08, 2009
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