The act of performing oral sex on a women from behind by which your tongue enters her pussy while your nose jabs her cornhole, this also works in the prone position and the tongue enters the corhhole while your nose jabs her pussy
" I bent that naughty bitch over and gave her the rhino of her life"
by RhinoMaster October 08, 2008
To exclaim "I Have AIDS" as you are blowing your load during sex.
Did you here that Bushy gave Drew a rhino!
by Don Was February 28, 2004
To hit someone in the tailbone with your knee without the person knowing you're there; invented by a kid from Satellite Beach,Fl
jack got rhinoed so hard he cried
by epiccow April 03, 2011
two guys perform a gay sexual act one charges from one side of the room into the others ass with one great force of penetration.
my ass still hurts from last night steve gave me a rhino
by fatpunani2.0 August 06, 2010
the most retarded person in the world, he also makes a TERRIBLE boyfriend,

he thinks hes the toughest guy ever, yet no one likes him.
james is such a fucking rhino !
by taradactyl2 June 22, 2010
A name for an attack performed by forming one's hands into a fist shape with the thumbs together and pointed outward. The attacker proceeds to send their "hand rhino" swiftly upwards into the asshole of the victim.
He carressed his anus, as he had just become the victim of a powerful rhino.
by Extreme Dicktator March 05, 2010
An overweight female.
"Look at that chick Derek's grinding on, what a rhino!"
by rschunk October 27, 2009
A short stocky kid that resembles a rhino. Also often slightly resembles a ewok and or a gremlin.
"Dude check that pic on my phone."
"HAHA what a Rhino!"
by Willard II June 08, 2009

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