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The retaliatory act of bitch slapping someone and laying a beat down when they get out of line.
Person 1: What happened to Billy last night?

Person 2: He got out of line last night and got rhiannad by five dudes.

Person 1: Is he ok?

Person 2: Naw man. Three broken ribs and a black eye.
by mskillz July 07, 2009
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Rhianna'd Is the definition of let's say, you've had too many. To be Rhianna'd would be the types of person who has drank vodka like it's going out of fashion then ends up on the floor, chewing concrete with their chin, pissing in bushes, dancing like a right gypsy. They would be properâ„¢ Annihilated.
Look at her over there, she's proper Rhianna'd
We taking it easy tonight or we gonna get Rhianna'd
Fuck it, I've had a
by Rafal Pietranies December 09, 2016
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