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The most beautiful and amazing girl ever.
Rheanne is amazing and beautiful.
by Vilya March 31, 2011
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(French) girls name meaning great queen or goddess. Other similar names are Raeanne, Rhéann, Raeann, Rhéanna, Raeanna. Pronounced (RAY Anne).
Perhaps Rhéanne's momma should've spelled her name "RayAnn" so that people would say it right.
by Rhéanne's Momma January 23, 2013
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A very tall, lovely, voluptuous milk maid, with flowing light hair, typically from Canada. Loves her ministry, polka dancing with her Dad, violin music, typically an amazing gourmet pastry chef. Many times has twin siblings and an odd attachment to Doobies.
What a lovely Rheanne!

Can we share your Rheanne?
by SueSR February 02, 2010
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