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Rhaina is a term often used to describe an unbelievably good-looking person with a wonderful personality who makes one feel as though they are lucky to be in her presence. She also attracts guys of all kinds and has lots of friends. No one can be like her.
I'm insanely jealous of that Rhaina.


She's Rhainatastic.
by MarkTwainnnnnnn November 12, 2010
A Rhaina is a hard-worker and is very stubborn. Rhainas have strong opinions and are quite righteous. They want to make life better for other people. Rhainas are very ambitious and they have a certain glow about them that lets you know they will accomplish all that they desire. They are often really attractive, too. People are scared to talk to them because of their awesomeness. Don't be! They might seem a little prickly at first, but once you've faced your fears and spoken to a Rhaina, you'll be glad. Like hedgehogs are prickly but once you get close you realize they're actually adorable.
Wow, Rhaina made another 101 in AP Chemistry.

That Rhaina is gonna be somebody someday.

I wish I was friends with Rhaina. I think I'll tell her I like her hair tomorrow.
by bananafana November 08, 2012

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