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Reyli. She has brown hair. She has to get it straightend every week tho. Brown eyes. She's short. Maybe 5 foot? Not good in math, but good at everything else (: Let's not forget about how wild she is (: She's into Emo/Skater/Ghetto types. Ohh and Asians. Oh course she's sensitive. But so is everyone else (: She's independent. She doesn't really care for what other people have to say about her. She's into everything really. She likes Hip-Hop/Rap/Pop/Rock. She's there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. Or somewhere to be when you don't wanna be where you were. Well, only if your as close to her as I am. She's someone that you wont find around. You'll be lucky to be friends with her. You wont get bored with her either. She's very pretty. On the inside and out. She doesn't talk crap. Only if it's true. She don't try to fit in. She's herself home or not. She's my rolemodel for that. She's trustable :) She knows what right or wrong and I'm stupid not to listen to her :)
Reyli is unexplainable. (:
by Blitw4e. March 07, 2010
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